Having a Parish Nurse based at our church has made a big difference

First published on: 10th May 2018

Rachel Sutton is a Parish Nurse at St Andrews, St Helens. She tells us about what her work as a parish nurse involves and how it fulfils her calling from God to live out her faith in action. 

Clergy Moves and other Ministry Appointments

First published on: 9th May 2018

There have been a number of clergy moves and ministry appointments we list them here.

Taking three steps to Christenings

First published on: 4th May 2018

Sunday, May 6<sup>th</sup> is the third annual God Parents' Sunday. It's an opportunity to invite recent baptism families to come along with godparents to a special service. And it would seem that contact like this is crucial for church growth as Sue Mitchell, Children & Families' Missioner explains.

Ordinations training myth busters

First published on: 3rd May 2018

Being an ordained minister isn't just one type of thing. As well as ‘full-time vicars' there are people, full-time and part-time, serving God in a wide variety of different roles. 

How can we build a fairer financial system in Liverpool?

First published on: 3rd May 2018

That is a question that the Just Finance Foundation's ‘Building a Fairer Financial System in Liverpool City Region Summit' hopes to address. 

A triangle of hope has formed from despair, slavery and exploitation

First published on: 3rd May 2018

Rev Canon Malcolm Rogers, Bishop of Liverpool's Canon for Reconciliation has spent two years bringing an initiative – the Triangle of Hope to fruition.

What's the link between church growth, social action and discipleship?

First published on: 26th April 2018

That is exactly what The GRA:CE Project aims to find out. Could your parish help take part in this research project seeking to understand the relationship between church growth, social action and discipleship within the Church of England?

Eucharistic service gives thanks for the ministry of Bishop Richard on his retir

First published on: 26th April 2018

Over 800 people from across the Diocese gathered at Liverpool Cathedral on Saturday, 21st April to bid an emotional farewell to Bishop Richard.

Diocesan Synod to revisit the question of Parish Share

First published on: 19th April 2018

As Diocesan Synod meet on March 24<sup>th</sup> to look at a different option for our Parish Share System, we find out more about what's called Option 2. Over the next couple of weeks we ask what it is, how it works and why the time may be right for it to be considered again.<br />

Get involved with Thy Kingdom Come

First published on: 19th April 2018

***6 Ways your church can get involved with Thy Kingdom Come***

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