Open The Box

Our series of 'Open the Box' conferences and Conversations aim to lift the lid on a variety of topics.

Through inviting a wide range of speakers and offering training we look to inspire and resource in your work with children and families.

We offer monthly Open the Box conversations on zoom  check our events page  

Topics include

  • Growing faith : connecting with church , school & home 
  • Faith in the home 
  • Designing children's areas in the church
  • Welcome materials for families in the church
  • Storytelling
  • Godly Play storytelling
  • Creating 'Stories in a Box'
  • Creating liturgy & sensory baskets for use in church
  • Toddlers groups (tips & resources for working with under 5s)
  • Training children’s leaders
  • All age worship resources
  • Children & Holy Communion
  • Baptism resources
  • Child-Friendly Church Award.

Need to further information on any of these topics?

Contact Sue Mitchell
Children's & Families Missioner



Godly Play Storytelling

What does Godly play involve?

  • Telling Christian stories using beautiful three dimensional figures crafted in natural materials
  • Worshipping with children in an environment where God is not just learned about but is experienced too.
  • Using “Wondering” questions is a vital part of the Godly Play experience. The style of wondering is open, non-judgemental and allows for the participants to make meaning of the story for themselves.
  • Allowing the children to decide on their own response to the story, which may be through art/craft work, or retelling the story themselves r through games, books

What are the aims of Godly Play?

  • To make faith come alive for children
  • To assist their spiritual development
  • To help faith become part of their daily life
  •  To make the language of faith familiar& normal


We have a selection of Godly play stories available for loan and can advise on using Godly play in your own setting

To borrow a story please contact


We can offer training & advice for all leaders and volunteers on a variety of topics. Bespoke training sessions can be held in your own location.

Celebrating long service

Do you know someone who's been involved in parish children's or youth work for 10 years or more?

The Diocese of Liverpool would like to acknowledge their wonderful work by awarding them a certificate signed by the Bishop of Liverpool.
If you are looking for ideas, inspiration, or want to discuss a particular aspect of this your ministry to children & families .


Sue Mitchell
Children's and Families Missioner
0151 705 2167

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