Eco Church: Taking steps to silver

As we encourage churches to take the steps to become silver eco churches our partner charity - Faiths4Change - helps us through the process.

Faiths4Change works with communities to connect the health and wellbeing of people and the planet. They’re delighted to be supporting the growth of the Eco Diocese through tailored support, network development and events at which we come together to share ideas and inspire each other.

If you have any questions or would like specific support for your Church then please get in touch with Liz Atherton at Faiths4Change:

On this page, we have guidance, ideas and resources to help with your journey as an Eco Church. We have helpfully divided this into three sections

Take Action



By completing the Eco Church survey, you will have built an in-depth picture of both the Eco Activities your Church is already doing and the ones that you can move towards.

But, where to start??

We think the best place to start is by talking and listening to each other as a congregation. The more community members get on board, the more sustainable and rich your Eco Church journey will be. Remember, different people are at different levels on their own eco journeys and it’s important to be supportive and encouraging through every stage.

Initial things to ask:
Who are the lead team?
Who else would like to get involved? Who could be encouraged to get involved?
(What groups and clubs are there at your Church? Who uses Church buildings? Are you connected to a local school?)
What interests, time, knowledge, and skills can each person contribute?

Download our listening resources here

Take Action

By completing the Listening Activity, you will have written a big list of ideas and selected the first 3 actions to take forward. Make sure you set a target for completion.

Wider questions to ask are:
What are the easy changes and swaps you can make straight away? For example, fairtrade tea and coffee, Eco washing up liquid, reusable cups (or at least biodegradable ones), LED lightbulbs. Sometimes not doing something is a huge eco action, for example not using balloons or other plastic decorations.

For building and resource related actions, what are your priorities? Who will lead on each of these?

To engage and support the wider congregation and community, how often will you talk about Eco Diocese? Could you put it in your newsletter, on your website, on social media? Could you make a display in Church, perhaps led by the young people or a craft group?

Faiths4Change use craft, cooking and gardening activities as a method of sharing information and engaging people with environmental issues. Our Water Stories Resource Book, made in partnership with the Diocese to celebrate World Children’s Day, is jam packed with ideas for activities that could help you talk to your community about becoming an Eco Church:


Send us your photos and stories! You can tag us online so we can follow and support you in your actions @faiths4change and @livdiocese #ecodiocese #dotenthings

Join the Merseyside Faith & Climate network Facebook group (search on Facebook, or go to or detailed instructions)

Attend our Eco Diocese events (go to to find the next event)


If you are not an Eco Church

Here's how to register

Step One: Register as an Eco Church
Register as an eco church online and login - it's simple and starts your journey. You don't have to be doing any activity just sign up

Step Two: Complete the Eco Survey
It will help you to identify the environmental work that your church is already doing and what else you could do.

Step Three: Contact Faiths for Change
For extra support email


Already Silver? Then go for Gold!

Contact to help you get to this stage.

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