Talking Money Webinars and Training

Struggling with how to run giving schemes or promote legacies in your church. Then these free courses can help you Talk Money and improve giving in your church. Run by our in-house experts you will get all you need from this useful training.

Available courses on

Digital Giving
The Parish Giving Scheme
Good stewardship practice
Budgets and planning
Managing buildings

We also have information about other training that you may find useful run by excellent external experts


Digital Giving

How to communicate your digital giving options

Wednesday 13th July 10.30 and 7.30pm 

Simple, practical guidance on using your web page, A Church Near You, social media, and old-fashioned paper to let people know how they can support your church. 
With Lucia Miller, Digital Resources Officer

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Getting started with contactless giving

Wednesday 14th September 10.30 and 7.30pm 

Options for contactless giving in your church building, how to set it up, top tips for getting the best out of your giving station, and emerging good practice.
With Lucia Miller, Digital Resources Officer

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The Parish Giving Scheme

Growing the Parish Giving Scheme in your church

How to grow the PGS in your church, introducing new print and social media resources, stories from PGS parishes large and small and updates on new PGS functionality

Thursday 21st July 10.30 and 7.30pm 

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Wednesday 28th September 10.30 and 7.30pm 

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Making One-off gifts through the PGS

Wednesday 16th November 10.30 and 7.30pm 
A new PGS service for late 2022 is the ability for both guests and PGS givers to make one-off gifts to their church through the PGS. 

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Legacies: a lasting difference

Gifts of life and love

Wednesday 21st  September 10.30 and 7.30pm  
Churches are missing out on millions because we are often hesitant to talk about wills and legacies.
Learn why wills matter and legacies are so vital to charities and the practical steps churches can take to make legacy giving a natural part of our stewardship. 

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Good Stewardship Practice

How to have a good Generosity Week

Monday 11th July 10.30 and 7.30pm 
Supported by ready-made national and diocesan resources, Generosity Week offers a simple to plan, flexible focus for stewardship focus in your church.

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Making the most of Advent & Christmas

Wednesday 19th October 10.30 and 7.30pm 
Resources old and new to explore and encourage generosity through the rich themes, words and symbols of Advent and Christmas

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Budgets and Planning

Recreating yesterday? The why and how of budgeting

Every church should budget so find out in this webinar about why budgets matter and the practical tools available to prepare your budget and also to share it with the congregation so they can understand and own the challenge.
Monday 12th September 10.30 and 7.30pm 

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Maintaining our church buildings

Tuesday 18th October 2022 at 10.30 or 7.30pm.
Practical guidance on regular maintenance, the Quinquennial Inspection, the faculty process and more.
With Tom Beesley, Diocesan Buildings Advisor

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Third-Party Training

Data Developments treasurer training

Four free 60-minute online sessions beginning at 5.00pm
Register for four Thursdays from 7th July 2022.  
Registration also gives access to a recording of the sessions.


Data Developments Gift Aid training

Three free 60-minute online sessions beginning at 5.00pm .
Register for three Mondays from 11th July
Registration also gives access to a recording of the sessions.


ACAT (Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers)

A training menu including new treasurers, budgeting, annual reporting, employing people, governance, and more. All evenings; cost around £40pp. 
Monitor the ACAT training page for details.


Quality online trustee training sessions monthly (£70pp).
Note also high quality and free quarterly 'lunchtime dial in' sessions for treasurers.


Get in contact

The Resources Team is available during normal office hours 0151 705 2180 

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