Reporting repairs

To manage a tight repairs budget for the benefit of all we are clear about how we will respond to repairs

Reporting repairs – and seeing them carried out

While you are living in your home you may have a need for repair or notice a defect. You need to report this to us as soon as possible.

You can report your repair by emailing

They will carry out one of three actions

1.       Instruct the repair to be carried out
2.       Give you some advice about things you could do yourself (for minor, non-urgent repairs)
3.       Let you know if and when we may be able to do the work

If you are not happy with the course of action offered then contact Stuart Haynes, Assistant Diocesan Secretary (

Finally, if your issue cannot be resolved then contact your Archdeacon. We are constrained by our available budget so we do focus our repair budget on the higher priority items which may mean that some of the less urgent work will take a while to be carried out.

If we have to carry out a repair that our contractor advises has been caused through deliberate or accidental damage or negligence by an occupant then we will consider recharging for the cost of the work.

We do need to know any issues your property might have as it helps us monitor and manage the condition of your home.

Emergency out of hours repairs

If you have an emergency out of hours repair then please contact the relevant contractor. You can find the details in the blue sidebar

Our repair priorities

Not every repair has the same level of priority or urgency so we need to focus our time and money where it is most needed. We have categorised our repairs as high, medium and low priority. The lists below show you how we have done that and how we aim to fulfill our responsibilities in each category.

High Priority -
To be completed within 24 hours or where this is not possible, a temporary repair is to be carried out:

  • Total loss of electrical power
  • Loss of power or lighting circuits
  • Water leaking from a pipe, tank or cistern
  • Total loss of water supply
  • Total loss of central heating and / or hot water during the winter months
  • Blocked drain or WC (where there is only one toilet in the house)
  • Defective windows or doors that affect the security of the property
  • Blocked flue
  • Collapsed ceiling or ceiling in a dangerous condition
  • Leaking roof
  • Fallen trees or branches that may cause a hazard to occupants or the general public
  • Inoperative external door locks

Medium Priority -
To be completed in 5 working days, where possible:

  • Partial loss of lighting or power
  • Partial loss of the water supply
  • Taps that cannot be turned
  • Blocked WC (where there is more than one WC in the house)
  • Repairs to security alarm or lighting
  • Minor work on internal plumbing
  • Slipped or missing roof tiles, leaking gutters
  • Broken windows (where there is low risk to security)
  • Repairs to fencing and gates (where there is low risk to security)
  • Fallen trees where there is no immediate danger
  • Minor storm damage

Low Priority -
We will aim to complete within one month, where possible:

  • Repairs to wall and ceiling plaster
  • Repairs to fire surrounds and hearths
  • Replacement of defective sanitaryware
  • Roof defects and repairs to chimneys
  • Cracked glazing
  • Defective flooring
  • Repairs to garage doors (unless garage out of use because of a defect)
  • Fencing and gate repairs (other than those classed as a medium priority)
  • Roof repairs (other than those classed as a medium priority)
  • Repair or cleaning of rainwater goods
  • Joinery repairs
  • Repairs to paths/drives


Emergency out of hours repairs

In offices hours (Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm) you need to report all repairs to our office. We will sort out your problem from then.

If you have an emergency out of hours then you can contact the contractors below

Steven Jeffers, call out (Gas, heating and plumbing)
07973 271672

Geoff Carroll, call out, (Broken glazing, lock issues etc)
07946 641897

Alarms and CCTV:
Anthony Pheysey 07836237018

AB Building & Electrical (electrics)
0845 265 7544


A1 All Clear
07860 121442. 
8am to 5pm over the bank holiday weekend

Please note that this is for emergency only and if our contractors inform us the call-out was not for an emergency we will recharge you for the cost of the call-out

We would expect that the repair is carried out to your satisfaction and our contractors carry out the work to a good standard, behave courteously, and clean up after them.


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