The Church Representation Rules govern PCC elections.

Here are some pointers on how to run your election to ensure we have democratically elected representative PCCs.

How many members in a PCC?

The number of directly elected members on your PCC depends on the size of your church's electoral roll.

Electoral Roll PCC members
1-49 6


100-199 12
200+ 15

Each elected PCC member has a term of office lasting three years. One-third of these members should retire each year and may stand for re-election.

Ex Officio Members: These include all clergy licenced to the Parish. Parish representatives on Deanery, Diocesan or General Synod are automatically members of a PCC irrespective of how they got on to the Deanery, Diocesan or General Synod. However, they can also stand for election as well if they so choose.

Appointed Members:  Only licensed Readers may be appointed to the PCC at the Annual Meeting. Readers who hold Permission To Officiate (PTO) or are Emeritus (former Readers) must stand for election with any other lay member of the church.

Co-opted Members:  Your PCC may co-opt up to two additional members if you elect less than fifteen lay members, or three if you elect fifteen or more. Co-opted members can be:

  • appointed to fulfil a specific role (e.g. treasurer);
  • retired clergy living in the parish who play an active part;
  • someone who has moved into the parish and has been on the electoral roll less than six months;

They also must have received communion within an Anglican church at least twice in the previous year.

How to elect your PCC members

PCC members may be elected by a show of hands or by a paper ballot. You can find detailed guidance within the Church Representation Rules.


Renewing your parish's Electoral Roll

Every six years your PCC must prepare a new church electoral roll.

At this time, everyone wishing to have their name entered on your church's new electoral roll must apply for enrolment, whether or not they were previously entered on the electoral roll.

The next full revision will be in 2019.

You can download forms that may help you with revising your Electoral Roll here.

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