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The Diocese of Liverpool is embarking on Fit For Mission, a six-year step change initiative, encouraged by and in partnership with the Church Commissioners.  The aim of Fit for Mission is to implement prayerfully, and at pace, a clearly defined and locally owned Diocesan vision and plan for growth and a sustainable future.

To support people through this change we will provide team coaching support to the lay and clergy individuals and teams leading the change in each local area.

We would like to invite freelance coaches and agencies to express their interest in providing some or all of the team coaching and training for Fit For Mission.

This page gives you the details. We set out 

For an initial chat or more information please contact Tim Montgomery



The key deliverables of the team coaching are to:

  • develop the behaviours and practices required for leading the significant culture change
  • help the forming of effective teams with specific team development training
  • develop the collaborative behaviours and practices required to work as self-organising teams
  • help tackle individual and team challenges that are affecting progress

The specific coaching required will mostly be identified by the Navigation Team and Change Facilitator, and will be responsive to the needs of the teams and where they are on their change journey. It is expected there will be some set-piece team development sessions topics may include:

  • Engaging in the challenge of leading transformational change
  • Developing a team culture
  • Bias and how it holds us back
  • Coping with conflict
  • Coaching requirements

For an initial chat or more information please contact Tim Montgomery

There will also be coaching requests and other team development needs that come from the Navigation Team and Change Facilitator that may result in team or 1:1 coaching.

Coaching will be a mixture of 1:1 coaching and team workshops. Workshops will mostly be in person, but where appropriate may be remotely. The majority of coaching is expected to be remote via video call.

All coaching will be overseen by the Team Development Lead who will ensure the right coaching is in place in a timely manner, and that it meets the needs of the individuals and team.

We expect that the coaching provider will have ready to use coaching materials for both individual and group sessions. Any bespoke sessions and tools that are developed will be retained by the Team Development Lead for repeat use by the Diocese as required.


What we are looking for

The Diocese of Liverpool is looking to meet the coaching needs of the Fit for Mission project through either freelance coaches or an agency. If an agency we expect the agency to provide all the coaching needs, and be responsible for the suitability and standard of individual coaches for specific requests. For freelancers we do not expect that one coach would deliver the full range of coaching, and we would expect to draw the expertise of individuals in specific areas as needed.


Timing: May 2022 – March 2028

Number of days: we are looking to connect one key-coach to each deanery going through the programme, which could be up to 60 days over their 2-year programme. We may also provide specialist coaching alongside as required.

Hourly or daily rate: £250 a day (with a capped expense limit for travel) for regular coaching. One-off coaching rates by agreement.



Expressions of interest

What we need people to do: Please provide an expression of interest to Tim Montgomery by 8 April 2022. Please include in your expression of interest:

  • your coaching experience
  • your specific areas of coaching expertise
  • case studies and testimonials
  • references


For an initial chat or more information please contact Tim Montgomery


Coaching Requirements


Team coaches will need the relevant skills and experience in coaching individuals and teams in the key challenges of leading change.  This will include individual and team sessions engaging leaders in the theory of change as well as the key behaviours and practices required.

The culture of the organisation – the Diocese of Liverpool – is of the traditional Church of England parish set-up in which priests are appointed as individual leaders (Vicars) of a single parish church with a Parochial Church Council (PCC) to help them carry out the worship, pastoral and missional life of the parish. Other licensed lay and ordained people help to deliver the ministry of the church. 

The transformational change journey of the Fit for Mission 2-year programme will significantly change this leadership and organisational framework within a fresh diocesan vision for growth, a new culture of team leadership, a positive focus on mission, and a new larger parish structure.

Each deanery (comprising a number of current parishes) will embark on the change journey at some point in the next 6 years and will be helped to define and deliver the new culture and structure on the ground as most appropriate to each deanery in its unique context with its unique opportunities for growth. 

Project support is being provided on the front-line in each deanery to establish the new team relationship, develop the leadership culture required, form the new parish structure, and build the support services required to enable the new mission and ministry to flourish.

Coaching is part of this front-line support and we are seeking skilled and experienced coaches able to help a leadership team make the journey, individually and together, from here to there.  We are looking for coaches able to:

  • work well relationally with individual leaders and teams in group settings.
  • provide effective 1:1 coaching to help individuals tackle the required change behaviours
  • listen and question well to enable individuals and groups work out good ways forward.  
  • teach the theory of change with relevant examples, analysis and tools.
  • help the team develop a strong accountability relationship with support and challenge.
  • apply standard development tools including GROW, SMART, ORACLE, or other
  • use psychometric-personality tools as appropriate eg MBTI, Enneagram, GPI or other.
  • challenge individual alignment – exploring permission, ability and will
  • help individuals and teams engage in conflict negotiation and resolution
  • hold structured conversations around particular challenges or areas for development
  • develop a coaching culture within the team.
  • Conduct action-learning sets and learning communities as required
  • Use the tools of timelines, preference lines, grids, 360° analysis, thinking-hats, or others
  • Support the team with problem resolution using logical, reframing and mapping tools


Together we can be fit for mission

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