Church and the environment

“To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth.” – fifth Mark of Mission


The Diocese of Liverpool has made a strong commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

As an Eco Diocese, we believe that responding to the global climate crisis is an essential part of our responsibility to care for God’s creation and achieve a just world.

The Church of England’s ambitious commitment to be net zero carbon by 2030 is a critical environmental goal for our diocese. Rooted in the fifth mark of mission, addressing the global climate crisis is a matter of social justice in which the whole Church has a part to play - in faith, practice and mission.

This includes tackling our own carbon emissions and wider work. Our Net Zero Carbon 2030 Programme aims to equip, support and empower all parts of the Church to reduce carbon emissions from the energy we use.

We are working to minimise the impact of our activities on the planet across all of our buildings, including churches, vicarages, offices, schools and other educational institutions.

We encourage local church participation as central to this work to help care for the earth, embodying Christian hope for all life. Tackling climate change also supports our local mission, witnessing to our communities that we care about climate justice.

Explore these pages to find resources and support for your journey to net zero carbon, and securing your next Eco Church award.

Access resources and support:

Together we can look after God’s creation – now and for the future

Watch a video showcasing net zero carbon projects around the country: Going net zero carbon by 2030 - YouTube

Our Net Zero Carbon 2030 Programme is part of the wider Church of England Environmental programme to care for creation. Read about the Church of England’s routemap to Net zero carbon here: Net zero carbon routemap | The Church of England

Need support or have questions? Contact Phil Leigh, our Net Zero Carbon 2030 Programme Lead and Diocesan Environmental Officer:

With thanks to our Net Zero Carbon 2030 programme funders the Benefact Trust, and partners Faiths4Change, Harbour Project Management, and the Church of England.


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