100 churches and 2000 givers can have their cake and eat it

First published on: 23rd May 2018

Finance Resources Officer, Cath Gaskell went out to visit All Saints Childwall with a homemade cake to say thank you for being the 100th church to join the scheme. She met some of the volunteers from the church, who were keeping the gardens and graveyard looking beautiful.

It is a double cause for celebration as at the same time that the 100th church has joined we have had our 2000th giver join, to give their planned giving to their church using the Parish Giving Scheme.

A spokesperson from All Saints, Childwall said “We are looking forward to the reduced amount of work that the treasurer and Gift Aid Secretary will now have. We are hopeful that we will see an increase in giving to the church, the same as other churches have seen who have already joined the Parish Giving Scheme.”

Cath Gaskell said “It was my pleasure to visit All Saints with our congratulations and delicious cake, they together with the 98 churches and our cathedral who have already joined, have contributed to our diocese having one of the fastest take up rates for this Scheme in the Church of England.”

It's easy to set up and manage. All the Church Council needs to do is pass a resolution to start the Scheme, send in the registration form and show leadership by joining and then encouraging others to join. The diocese covers the administration costs so it is free to churches and the Parish Giving Scheme - a UK based charity - does all the work including the Gift Aid Claim.

Cath added “We are so pleased that so many of our churches and their givers have joined the Parish Giving Scheme, it is a reflection of our diocese’s positivity and a willingness to embrace something new and beneficial. I do look forward to welcoming more churches and their givers to this modern, efficient and free way to do planned giving.”


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Find out more about how your church can join the Parish Giving Scheme or email Cath Gaskell

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