Advertising vacancy

Making sure everyone is happy we get the best possible information

We want all parties to be satisfied that we have the best information in order to attract the right person to your parish

  1. PCC, Patrons, Archdeacon, Area Dean and Lay Chair meet - Section 12 meeting (4-6 weeks after Section 11)
  2. At this meeting they -

a) agree on the Parish Profile, Person Specification and Role Description 
b) decide mechanics of interview and organise any training 
c) agree on the advertising process

  1. Communications Team draft advert for the diocesan website.
  2. Archdeacons confirm advert and timeframe – this goes live and is advertised on the web and through the Bulletin. Press advertising – normally the Church Times - is agreed if necessary
  3. All applications are initially managed through the Archdeacons’ office



Current Clergy Vacancies

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