Why the Service Register App is a game changer

First published on: 3rd May 2024

Use the Service Register App for recording attendance at your church.

Churchwardens diligently record attendance data every week which helps the church know more about their missional impact and make strategic decisions, and helps us here at the diocese, and those at the National Church, to provide the right kind of support to churches that need it.

Which churches are growing?  Which are holding their own against difficult circumstances?  Which are not and need more help?  These questions can only be answered with the assistance of reliable attendance information.

Using the service register app eliminates quarterly reporting

When using the app, we will be able to receive your data in real-time, so there is no need to send in paper or Excel attendance sheets.

You can use any device

Churchwardens can download this on a mobile device and use their log-in, or use a church-owned device such as a tablet or laptop to enter the data on a weekly basis. (Some churches are using the tablets from their contactless!)

Save time on your Stats for Mission return

Information entered into the app can also be imported directly into your annual Statistics for Mission return, saving the time and effort of searching your service registers at the end of each year. This can include numbers of funerals as well as baptisms.

As always, we are appreciative of all data sent in by churches, and want to help make administrative jobs simple for everyone involved. Help us, help you take some of the time and effort out of data gathering by using the Service Register app.

Contact the Resources Team for any support you need.

Email: resources.team@liverpool.anglican.org

Phone: 0151 705 2180

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