Why does every church need online giving

First published on: 9th May 2024

Online giving is the term given to making a donation using the internet.

According to the Blackbaud Institute, “The percentage of charitable giving donated through online sources rose from almost 8% in 2022 to over 12% in 2023.” A growing percentage of charitable giving shows that this method of donation is not slowing down! Additionally, this may reflect the next generation of generous givers who are beginning to exercise their generosity in the only way they know how! (digitally)

With the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) now offering a ‘one-off gift’ option, anyone can make an online donation using the same platform as your regular givers. By directing all your givers to the same place, it can help the process feel more cohesive for both the church administrator and the giver.

So, how can we do it well?


Do you have too many options for giving? JustGiving, Give A little, Text giving etc? Narrow down the directions you are pointing people in.

Tip: Give A Little is a great online giving option for those also using the software for their contactless giving.


JustGiving was a great fundraiser during the pandemic, but it does not encourage regular giving. Prioritise online giving via the PGS and/or Give A Little instead if you can.


Help people find your ‘Donate’ or ‘Give’ button. You can run a quick check to see how easy it is to donate to your church by simply Googling “How to donate to *type in your church name and location*” and see how many ‘clicks’ it takes you to find your church website giving page/donate button.


If it is buried in your website, make it front and centre.

Make use of Achurchnearyou.com and integrate the giving button in 2 minutes!

Use social media to remind people to review their giving during your giving series or campaign. Share a direct ‘link’ to your giving page in your post.

The more we learn, the more we will share! Contact Lucia on the Resources Team lucia.miller@liverpool.anglican.org with your ideas, suggestions or questions about Online Giving.

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