The Growing Faith Adventure is launched

First published on: 12th October 2023

The Launch of the Growing Faith Adventure took place this week with over 100 delegates from both parishes and schools attending. Archdeacon Pete Spiers opened the event by outlining the importance of churches supporting parents & carers with faith in the home and the issue of how Grandparents can be key in developing a child’s faith.

Delegates heard how the Child Friendly Church award and Church school partnership awards are to be discontinued in favour of churches, schools and homes working together on the Growing Faith adventure. The Education team outlined it’s all about celebrating what you are already doing, and then working together to see where you go next on the Adventure!

Lucy Moore Head of the National Growing Faith Foundation began by sharing thoughts around  “The Boy Jesus in the temple” enabling our thinking about the place of the child and also the wisdom we can gain from children. She also shared the thinking Nationally and of the exciting times ahead saying “It’s a good time to be a leader working with children and young people. As children and young people are now finally at the forefront of the national agenda for a church that wants to be younger and more diverse “.

Dr Sarah Holmes lecturer & researcher into young faith challenged us to be “Far more collaborative and accommodating” with our children and families and to consider what our churches may actually look like if we seriously consider this.

Representatives from Alsop High School Liverpool, who are one of the first Growing Faith hubs shared some of the exciting initiatives they have been working on. A small marketplace representing para-church organisations also offered some great displays and resources to help and support people.  

As one delegate said on leaving “It’s really exciting, there is so much potential, really the Growing faith Adventure is something we can all be on, in fact we should be on!”

For more information on how your church or school can be involved visit the Growing Faith website  

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