Just like every fingerprint, each one of us is unique. And so is God’s call to each of us. The Bible says each of us is shaped by God’s purpose for us. He knows us and He calls us. He calls every Christian to serve Him in different ways, at different times of life and in different places.

It doesn't mean that you always know for sure just what you are called to do in and with your life.

Sometimes confusing, sometimes scary but often persistent – God’s call can be hard to understand, hard to know, hard to discover and that's where LifeCall comes in.

Our LifeCall events will help you find your unique calling to fulfil God's will and purpose for you and to make the mark that only you can make. 

To find out more, to chat to someone or to come along to one of our LifeCall events, please email

Directions course. 

This tried and tested interactive course is perfect for Christians who want to find out what God’s call on their life is and will equip them for the ministry he has for them. Click here to find out more about Directions.


Questions about vocation?

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