Nine Emerging Worshipping Communities in West Derby

First published on: 14th July 2023

Cultivate is a successful local missional leadership programme that has been running in the West Derby Fit for Mission deanery since last summer. At the end of June, attendees of the programme gathered together for their final session, and took the opportunity to celebrate and pray for the nine emerging worship communities (new communities or existing groups that are transitioning to becoming worship communities) that have been created and developed across the new large parish of ‘Christ our Hope’.


Each of these worship communities and justice initiatives provides new and diverse ways for more people to come to know Jesus and more ways to seek justice in the world, by providing space to explore and encourage people through a wide range of interests and experiences.

Please support Cultivate in praying for the leaders, teams, and members who are engaged with these communities.

These emerging communities are:

  • Praise and Play - A space for parents and pre-schoolers to worship God through song, dance and friendship
  • Bible Book Club - A place to read a Christian book, chapter by chapter, discuss and pray together
  • Family Church - An all-age celebration of the bible, prayer, worship, and friendship for families
  • STACC - An art group to enable people to experience friendship and discipleship over a craft
  • Year 5-6s - Joining a school worship club with confirmation classes and here you have a special place for 10-11-year-olds to explore who Jesus is
  • Community Meal - A place for everyone in the community to be fed physically and spiritually.
  • Tots - a place for parents and preschool children to find friendship and Christian input
  • Jesus in Motion Men's Group - a worship community for men, to find faith and fellowship through being active and practical together
  • Hope Workshop - a workshop space to mend and make projects from wood, whilst encountering Jesus, the carpenter! 


Find out more about Cultivate

The Cultivate programme is available to all Fit for Mission Parishes. To find out more about Cultivate, and some of the other new worshipping communities, click here. If you would like to know more about becoming a part of Fit for Mission, click here.

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