We start work on sustainability plan

First published on: 12th April 2024

Senior clergy and staff at St James House have welcomed a team of three consultants, Tim, Mary and Karen who are supporting the next stages of our conversation with the national church over our missional, people development and financial position. Our aim is to develop a realistic and workable plan focused on missional growth, people development and financial sustainability that is credible and fundable to the national church’s Investment Board.

The process, overseen by the Strategic Mission and Ministry Investment Board (SMMIB) of the Church of England, is expected to see the plan being considered by SMMIB at a meeting in the autumn. The aim would be for the plan to be put into place for 2025 onwards.

Karen, Mary and Tim are committed disciples of Jesus. They are highly experienced consultants and organisational leaders with backgrounds in Organisational Development. Finance, strategy and Change Management.

We understand that this process can create a degree of uncertainty for parishes and deaneries as you continue to pay parish share contributions. We have received an interim financial agreement from SMMIB to support our mission and ministry in 2024.

We have had good conversations with the consultants Mary, Tim and Karen and have a clear idea of what we need to do to meet the challenges we face. We are determined to work hard to deliver a plan that works.

This is part of our ongoing conversation between ourselves, our parishes and deaneries and the national Church of England. The process needs to run its course and so We don’t intend to talk further about this until the process is complete

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