Statement of faith leaders at the time of the General Election, 2019

First published on: 5th December 2019

As faith leaders in Liverpool and the region, we are glad and proud to know one another and to stand together.

We work for partnership and co-operation, for a world filled with peace and justice, and against hate speech and discrimination of all kinds.

In particular, we are resolute in opposing Antisemitism and Islamophobia whenever and wherever these evils raise their heads.

The right to vote is hard-won and is by no means universal in the world. We strongly encourage members of all faith communities to contribute to our democracy by using their vote in the forthcoming election.

We encourage and thank all those, of all parties, who are standing for political office in the service of the common good.

We hope together for a nation which is truthful, caring of the poor, and tolerant of diversity.

We invite all our people to bear these thoughts and values in mind as they cast their vote.

Statement from the Faith Leaders’ Meeting on 4 December 2019,
Endorsed by the Bishops from the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool, the Chair of the Liverpool Methodist District (representing the Free Churches), and members of the following faith communities: Muslim, Hindu, Jewish (Orthodox), Jewish (Reform), Buddhist, as well as representatives of multi-faith chaplaincies.

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