Transform North West looking to build its leadership team

First published on: 15th February 2018

“It’s a beautiful thing” Greg stated enthusiastically “to help people meet with Jesus”. Hearing Greg speak you get the sense of someone who has carried his passion for a while. You also get the sense that for Greg and his church the Transform Network has come at the right time. “The frustration has been that we had the enthusiasm but lacked the resource” Greg explains “now we are able to gain some resource to have more people engaged in the harvest.

Clearly change of this nature creates a whole range of emotions. Some struggle with change others want the pace to speed up.  Greg recognises all these as being important while seeing the blessing in God’s timing. “we have been looking at the vision of our church and feel called to disciple more people in Widnes but we were not sure how we would achieve this. Being part of this network will help us achieve our local vision.”

Transform North West talk about transforming lives, communities and churches and Greg, in particular, picks up on the aspect of transforming lives. “this is the movement we are trying to create” he explains “ it’s about disciple making, it’s about raising up leaders but most of all its about valuing people. I am seeing young people who society doesn’t value finding a sense of purpose which is great to see. I see the older people in our congregations, who may feel their contribution has been forgotten able to find new worth. 

“we are creating a movement. A movement that will turn around the negative perceptions of our communities and establish a new story  where through investing and focussing resource in three iconic places we provide a focus for telling and showing people the Good News of the kingdom of God.”  

Bishop Paul on Transform North West

"Here in the Diocese of Liverpool we are asking God for a bigger church so that we can make a bigger difference, and we say: “more people knowing Jesus, more justice in the world”.


This fresh approach to using the resource-church model of mission in industrial towns and areas of deprivation builds on our existing projects in Transforming Wigan and in the Joshua Centre for congregational multiplication. The present development, over the next five years, will develop this work in three major strategic locations and will then plant out six new churches with the same “planting to plant” vision"


About Transform North West

Transform north west is about creating a movement at the heart of three great towns. A movement that is willing to try new things that will help people discover God and to serve. We want to see lives transformed, communities renewed and bring together inspiring people with a heart to love and serve our towns.

Their vision is to 

  • create a Resource Church Network: one church with three locations
  • bring afresh the knowledge and love of Jesus to Warrington, Widnes and St Helens;
  • help transform the culture of the towns towards Kingdom values.

Find out more and how to join the growing movement at


Transform Network Leader role available

An ordained senior leader is required to oversee a new Resource Church network across the North West of England with visionary plans to reach a new generation of young adults and youth in three strategic towns with hope to plant an additional six congregations in the next five years. 


For more information and to apply

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