How to enable donations at your summer events

First published on: 30th June 2023

Summer will invite a season of visitors and events. ‘Enabling’ in the context of giving and making donations, refers to supporting people where they may have previously had difficulty. Here are 3 ways we can make giving easier at your Summer events; 


Print QR codes 

You may already be using printed invitations, posters or notice sheets to promote your summer events. It takes 2 steps to make a QR code: 

  1. Right-click on the webpage you would like to direct people to, click the option to ‘Create QR Code for this page’ and download as an image file. 

Tip: try and make it as easy as possible for people to donate! Make sure to minimise the number of ‘clicks’ people need to get to the place you want them to be. This is called ‘donor optimisation’ 

       2. Upload the image to your flyer, poster or notice sheet. 

Tip: Double-check that it works before going to print! You don’t want it to be too small to scan. 


Have a donations area 

Your event may be in your church hall, outside or somewhere new. Have an area that lets people know that they can donate if they would like to. 

This could look like…A small table at your summer fete with your contactless machine, giving flyers and PGS information for anyone who would like to give to the ministry of the church and community. 


Live Announcement or Video address 

A short message can go a long way. At the start of your event, announce that donations can be made here, [insert location], and gesture to the area. 

Upload a short video to your social media promoting your summer events. In the video, include ways people can support the church to continue the good work – include those who are unable to attend by mentioning they can make a donation online. 


Contact the Resources Team for support with Digital Giving in your church this Summer 




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