Fulfilling God’s call in our generation

First published on: 30th November 2023

In October 2023, Revd Canon Helen Edwards began her new job as Team Rector Designate of the new larger parish of ‘Christ our Hope, Liverpool’, ahead of its legal formation in 2024. In this new post, Helen oversees the whole parish, leading and supporting the clergy leadership team, alongside being accountable to the PCC.

The new parish of ‘Christ our Hope, Liverpool’ will be made up of a number of churches from across the West Derby deanery who have spent the past eighteen months or so journeying together to become a larger parish, supported by the resources of Fit for Mission.

During this time, both clergy and lay people from across the parish have been working together to build relationships, understand each other contexts and to pray, plan and prepare for the mission and ministry in their area. This upcoming legal parish formation will continue to unite the wider parish in its vision to grow more Christ-centred communities across West Derby.

Helen, who has served as the Vicar of Christ Church Norris Green for the past 18 years, shares her thoughts about beginning this new chapter.

 “I’m itching to talk more about the Parish of Christ our Hope, Liverpool. I’m longing for the day when we get a ‘yes’ from the Church Commissioners for the new parish to exist officially. As the new parish is hoped for and being worked towards, so that’s true too for my new role. I’ve been appointed as Team Rector designate, to a team that is evolving, to a parish that is yet to be. I believe the journey we are on, will enable us to be better able to fulfil the call of God in our generation. I’m asking God for there to be more people knowing Jesus and more justice in the world.”

“I love our recently agreed first Christ our Hope vision statement, growing Christ-centred communities that enable everyone to flourish. In our Deanery, we have a wonderful diversity of traditions in our churches and worshipping communities. As we journey towards many of us coming together to be one parish, we want each one to flourish, developing their own identity, worshipping patterns and missional outreach as they serve in their locality. We’re also looking for opportunities to work together, ways to lighten the load and share the inspiration.”

“We’ve already made such progress, but change is hard and sometimes scary, but let’s hold on to Christ, who is our hope as we journey on together.”

The other parish currently journeying on a similar path, as part of Cohort 1 of Fit for Mission is Church St Helens, Led by Rev Canon Dr Chris Daniels. You can find out more about Fit for Mission, here. 

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