Dean of Sector Ministers for the Diocese of Liverpool explains how she wants to

First published on: 25th October 2018

This week Rev Katy Canty tells us about her role as Dean of Sector Ministers for the Diocese of Liverpool. She told us:

“The Liverpool Diocese has an enormous number of people involved in chaplaincy ministry in some kind of institution or workplace. They are such a wealth of different people, ordained and lay, full and part-time, volunteers and salaried.

"Together they are part of our wider church as they seek to bring the good news of Jesus to people where they are, and to bring their influence into secular organisations to promote justice in the community; key themes of the Diocesan strategy.
“I am hoping that in this post I can help to affirm all their ministries and bring greater awareness of their work to the mainstream church.  I am hoping to have greater contact with as many chaplains as possible in their workplaces so we can offer support and care for them and use their expertise to help us all.”
Katy explained how her experience as a prison chaplain will her help in the role. She said
“Having worked for 14 years in an institution I am only too aware of the additional pressures and constraints imposed on Christians working in a secular environment, and hope I can use that experience to be better able to come alongside those who working as chaplains.”
Outlining what she was hoping to achieve over the next 12 months, she told us,
“Initially, I have two aims. Firstly, to provide connections between Sector Ministers for support and information gathering. I would like as many chaplains as possible to meet regularly through the year so that concerns may be raised and there can be mutual support for each other.
Secondly to work to bring stronger connections between Sector and Parish ministry. We have so much to offer to each other as we jointly work to bring the Gospel to all in our communities.”
Detailing how can our chaplains in the Diocese could support her over the coming months, she ended by telling us,
“I would really appreciate as many people as possible who are working in any form of chaplaincy to get in touch with us. I would like to invite anyone involved to join us for a Sector Ministers’ meeting on January 16th at 6.30pm in St Aidan’s Centre so we can plan together for the future.”
If you’re interested please contact Rev Katy Canty, Dean of Sector Ministers for the Diocese of Liverpool.

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