Contactless Card Readers

First published on: 22nd March 2018

Following a national trial of contactless card readers, the Parish Buying service now has contracts with two companies: SumUp and iZettle.  Church of England parishes are able to buy card readers at a discount through the Parish Buying website and use them with specially negotiated low transaction rates.

Many people no longer carry cash, and allowing them to make payments in the way they choose is becoming increasingly important. One solution is a card reader, which works alongside a smart phone or tablet and is very inexpensive to buy (they cost less than most kettles). 

Whether it’s using the Chip and PIN function or the tap of a contactless card, a card reader enables a modern way for people to pay for:

  • wedding fees
  • church hall hire
  • concert & conference tickets
  • donations
  • even teas and coffees!

If you are considering buying a card reader for your church you can register for free with the Parish Buying service at
Once registered you will be able to view all the discounted pricing information, along with FAQs and setup information.

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