A selection of resources are available to inspire and equip you on this adventure, enabling you to better connect the three areas.


What opportunities does Home and Church working together in partnership present?

Faith in The Nexus research shows that " home can provide a safe and exploratory space for faith-talk".  There are many ways the church can help develop this.


Resources to Inspire

Prayer Spaces at Home

The Kitchen Table Project

Together @ Home

Faith at Home

Who Let The Dads Out

God Venture

Parenting For Faith


What opportunities does School and Home working together in partnership present?

The rhythm of the school year provides " Opportunites for faith related activites" in the home, Faith in The Nexus

Resources to Inspire

Network of Kindness

A Rocha International

What opportunities does Church and School working together in partnership present?

The relationship between the church and school is key, "Connections need to be strategically priortised not left to chance" Faith in The Nexus report

Resources to Inspire

Inspired Classrooms

Find a School Near Me

Worship Warriors

Prayer Spaces

Open the Book

Alpha Youth

Why on earth

The Bible Course

Make Lunch

Experience Events - Jumping Fish

What opportunities does Church, School and Home working together in partnership present?

Developing flourishing connections between Church, School and Home results in changes of attitude and thinking, which in turn enables a positive impact on introducing people to Jesus, deepening faith, growing leaders and working for justice in our communities and beyond.

Any of the resources on this page ( see above) can be used to enable these connections.

On way for Church, School and Home to work together is to look to set up its own worshipping community.  If you are interested in this please book your team on the Inspire, Equip Connect session, if you would like more details please contact Dawn Harrison.


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