Growing Faith Adventure Form


The aim of the Growing Faith Adventure is to inspire strong and active connections between the local church, school and home. 

You can choose to begin with any of the three intersections.  In might be worth thinking through what are you already doing? I.e Where are the connections, what are your strengths what are you passionate about?

Then you can start your adventure!

If you need support or further guidance do get in touch with Sue Mitchell or Dawn Harrison



  • The Incumbent, Church Representative, Headteacher, Governoring Body and PCC should all agree that the school and church are on this adventure together.
  • Nominate a link person(s)  to co-ordinate the process with the school, church, PCC and Governors.
  • The Growing Faith Toolkit will inspire you with a selection of ideas to help faciliate discussions with all the different age groups around being on this adventure.
  • Read all three sections of the Growing Faith Resources then decide where you all  want to begin.
  • Enjoy working together on your chosen section, get in touch if you need any support. (This could take a term, a year, or anything in between).
  • When you feel you are ready, complete the online form below, with an explanation of your adventure so far, along with examples ie a list of bullet points of possible evidence, then submit.
  • An advisor will contact you to arrange a visit to discover more about your adventure, offering any support and guidance you may need as you continue on this adventure.
  • Plan a way to join together to celebrate your successful Growing Faith Adventure so far. We would love to be invited.
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