Board of Education

Diocesan Board of Education

Fundamental Purpose and Values 

Serving our schools in a Christ-like way so that all may flourish.

Living out the Bishop of Liverpool’s vision of: Asking God for a bigger Church, making a Bigger Difference – More people knowing Jesus, more justice in the world; and the Church of England’s national vision for education - Deeply Christian, serving the Common Good, the Board of Education operates within the whole Church of England family and within the regional educational framework. It collaborates with schools and academies; bishops, clergy, parishes, church school workers, chaplains; and with national and local government bodies and other stakeholders; in reaching out to children and young people, families and communities across the Diocese. 

It does this primarily through supporting schools in seeking to provide distinctively Christian and high quality education for all, by:

i)          offering a Christian model of education for wisdom, knowledge and skills that promotes human flourishing through the spiritual , physical, intellectual, emotional, moral, social and cultural development of staff, children and young people.

ii)         opening up horizons of hope and aspiration and guiding people, particularly those who are disadvantaged, into ways of fulfilling them.

iii)        focussing on relationships and community and the qualities of character that enable people to flourish together.

iv)        committing to the dignity and worth of each and every person, rooted in each being created in the image of God.  

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