Funding opportunities

Here are some charities that can help fund education and training, as well as provide support for clergy families and times of hardship.

Clergy Support Trust

Clergy Support Trust can provide a range of help for clergy and their families, from wellbeing support to help with mental and physical health and money worries. The majority of grants are non-means tested and include emergency and wellbeing grants. As well as supporting clergy (stipendiary, non-stipendiary and retired) the Trust can also help spouses/partners, including separated/divorced and widows/widowers. The website has a quick eligibility checker which runs through some questions to see how Clergy Support Trust might be able to help. It has recently launched a new counselling service, an offering that sits alongside the diocesan counselling service:

Designated Priority Area grants

Small grants are available to clergy in Designated Priority Areas (the most deprived parishes in the Diocese) relating to ministry such as retreats, courses and possibly towards the higher costs of car insurance. Please approach your Archdeacon for information.

Charities providing help for clergy and their families

This alphabetical list of charities is a summary of some of the sources of grants and funds for clergy and their families. Most bishops and dioceses have access to other local funds. National charities can also be helpful for specific assistance.

Additional Curates Society
Giving grants to parishes to help pay costs of curates and encouraging vocations.

Archbishop’s Council
The Council is a charity, set up in law to co-ordinate, promote, aid and further the work and mission of the Church of England. It does this by providing national support to the Church in dioceses and locally, working closely with the House of Bishops and other bodies of the Church.

Buttle UK
Dedicated to helping children and young people who are in crisis reach their potential by providing small but targeted and effective interventions via Chances for Children Grants. 

Charity of Miss Ann Farrar Brideoake
This Charity is for communicant members of the Church of England resident in the Dioceses of York, Liverpool and Manchester who have some degree of poverty, hardship or distress. Parishioners, clergy and retired clergy may apply.
Application forms from Mr Ware, 8 Blake Street, York YO1 8XJ. Tel: 01904 625678.

Crosse’s Charity
Provides small annuities for widows of clergymen of the Church of England. Preference given to those, who from age, ill-health, accident or infirmity are unable to maintain themselves by their own exertions.
Contact: Mr C P Kitto, 20 Saint John Street, Lichfield, Staffs. WS13 6PD – 01543 262491.

Dr George Richards’ Charity
Financial assistance for Anglican clergy retired early through ill-health; also widowers and dependent children. A 2-sided A4 application form needs to be completed. Trustees meet in June and November.
Contact: Dr P D Simmons, 98 Thomas More House, Barbican, London EC2Y 8BU - 020 7588 5583 -

Elizabeth Finn Trust (Turn2us)
Relieves need and distress among British and Irish people experiencing difficulties associated with old age, infirmity, disability, social isolation or financial need.

English Clergy Association
Holiday grants, in many cases of sufficient size to make a significantly helpful contribution to clergy (and their family’s) enjoyment of life.

Foundation of Edward Storey
Gives financial help and limited accommodation for women who are: widows or dependents of Church of England clergy; deacons, missionaries and in other roles closely involved with the Church of England.

Frances Ashton’s Charity
Provides grants of variable amounts for needy clergy of the Church of England, serving or retired, and the widows or widowers of such clergy.

Henry Smith’s Charity
For the relief of poor, aged or sick members of the clergy and their spouses, widows, widowers and dependants.

Aims to help older people (aged 60 and above) on low incomes to live with dignity and peace of mind by providing: a regular extra income, grants for emergencies, equipment to aid independence, the support and friendship of volunteers, nursing and residential care and help with fees. Priority is given to those who have helped others.

Skinners' Charity Foundation
Skinners' supports young people from low-income backgrounds; to help them move into work, develop vocational qualifications, and improve their life chances. The charity does this through two main programmes of funding: the Individuals Programme and the Charities Programme.

Mothers’ Union Away From It All scheme
Help to fund part of the cost of a holiday, cover a family’s travel expenses, pay for a whole holiday or day trip, or organise family weeks for groups of families to have a break with activities and outings.

Newton’s Trust
Financial assistance to widows or unmarried daughters of deceased clergymen and to divorced or separated wives of clergymen of the C​hurch of England. Applications are considered by the grants committee appointed by the Trustees, and one-time cash grants are made at their discretion.
Contact: Chapter Office, 19a The Close, Lichfield WS13 7LD - 01543 306104 -

Pyncombe Charity
Financial help to serving Church of England Clergy carrying the Bishop’s licence in times of difficulty due to illness, injury, or other special circumstances relating to themselves, or their immediate family resident with them (excluding education). Applications must be made through the Diocesan Bishop to take into account what support is being offered by the applicant’s own diocese. Any grants are then made through the Bishop, not directly to the applicant.
Contact: Mrs Kate Jonas, 2 Priory Cottage, Crowcombe, Taunton, Somerset TA4 4AD - 01984 618665 -

Queen Victoria Clergy Fund
Assisting Church of England clergy in financial need.
Contact: 020 7898 1310.

Rustat Trust

Administered by Jesus College, Cambridge, to provide assistance to clergy with children of school age with small grants for any educational purpose, including uniforms, school meals and transport costs.

St Aidan’s College Charity
Provides financial assistance for ordinands in the Church of England and their dependants.
Contact: Chester Diocesan Board of Finance, Church House, Lower Lane, Aldford, Chester, CH3 6HP

St Boniface Trust
Awards scholarships and maintenance allowance for the education and training of clergy and laypeople in the advancement of the Christian religion.

St George’s Trust
Make grants to Anglican clergy, seminarians and students, for purposes that encourage the Anglican Communion. Trustees are keen to support sabbatical studies and in some cases gap year students wanting to work overseas.

Smallwood Trust
Mission to enable women on low incomes to be financially resilient through grant-making.

Society for the Relief of Poor Clergy
Founded in 1788 to aid evangelical ministers and their dependents in times of financial distress due to sickness, bereavement or other difficulties.

Sons & Friends of the Clergy
Promoting, sustaining and renewing the well-being of Anglican clergy and their dependents so that clergy flourish and thus are able to serve God’s people, by providing financial grants to eligible households in times of poverty or hardship, or other need.

Women’s Continuing Ministerial Education Trust
Provide grants to assist women in the pursuit of their professional development.


Funding for clergy training

Many training courses for clergy are free, but some have fees. Clergy can access a Diocesan Training Grant (DTG) of £100 a year that may be accrued over three years. DTG's can be used for a course or a retreat.

Some courses attract a higher cost. Clergy may be able to ask their PCC for help, or Lifelong Learning can offer help with applications to educational charities and trust funds such as those listed on this page.

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