First annual ecumenical LoudFENCE Event aims to bring healing and support

First published on: 23rd February 2024

Saturday, March 9th starting at 12:30 pm, Liverpool Cathedral

In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at providing a platform for all those directly or indirectly affected by harm and abuse, the inaugural Ecumenical LOUDFence Event is slated to kick off on Saturday, March 9, 2024. Representing a pioneering effort in Liverpool, our Diocese will join with the Catholic Archdiocese to extend an invitation to individuals from diverse backgrounds to unite and partake in a visible demonstration of care, support, and compassion for those burdened by the trauma of abuse.

The four-day event will commence on Saturday, March 9th, with a poignant ribbon-tying ceremony outside Liverpool Cathedral at 12:30 pm, followed by a Non-Denominational Blessing at 1:30 pm.

Participants will then embark on a symbolic walk along Hope Street, culminating at the Metropolitan Cathedral. Upon arrival, a Prayer Service and ribbon-tying ceremony will provide attendees with an opportunity to express solidarity with victims and survivors of abuse.

The event is open and free to everyone who has endured any form of harm or abuse, encompassing domestic, faith-based, sexual, emotional, and financial abuse, among others. Attendees are encouraged to participate in tying a ribbon as a powerful symbol of support for those grappling with pain and trauma. Whether as a survivor or as someone acquainted with individuals facing such challenges, all are urged to attend and extend their support.

The Ecumenical LOUDFence Event promises to be a day of impactful solidarity, open to all who wish to join. By participating, attendees contribute to a collective effort aimed at raising awareness about the prevalence of abuse, dismantling the stigma associated with it, and establishing a supportive network for those navigating the aftermath of harm.

Following the inaugural event, both cathedrals will engage in three days of prayer and reflection for victims and survivors of abuse. This will include the provision of prayer cards and the availability of safeguarding staff and trained listeners at both locations.

Antonia Sobocki, Senior Director of LOUDFence, emphasizes, "Churches of every denomination and wider society cannot undo the abuse which has been inflicted on the innocent in the past, but as followers of Christ we can choose the way of compassion, care, and support now. His Holiness, Pope Francis, called the Church to be a field hospital, to heal the wounds and warm the hearts of those who have been wounded. Please come along to LOUDFence and tie a ribbon of support to make your voice, your care, and compassion visible."

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a significant movement towards healing and support. Join us at the Ecumenical LOUDFence Event and let your voice be heard.

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