Mission in the Economy

Retail champlaincy, unique amongst chaplaincies, has no recognisable, associated institution such as prison, hospital etc..  However, be it in shopping centre, market or individual store, it does rely on support from management.   An unpredictable environment with constant staff turnover,  Retail Chaplaincy has at its essence, trust and relationship building.  It is challenging and demanding as is all we do in God’s name!

St John’s Market – Revd Jean Flood

At St John’s Market I mainly offers a listening ear:

‘Listen well so that you hear what is not said.’  (Thudi Madonsela)

This my mantra!

Relationships built up over several years give me the privilege of being trusted enough for traders, management and regular customers to confide in me in both business and personal concerns, sharing highs and lows.

Prayer requests are welcomed (Prayer Room/Quiet Space has been set up for traders and customers, much used particularly by Muslim traders)

Marking the events in the Christian Church’s year is much appreciated e.g. nativity set up at Christmas, Mothering Sunday, Palm crosses for Easter and Remembrance event. 

I am also involved in other festivals celebrations e.g. cards for Eid, Diwali, etc., and Charity Day events to boost footfall, enabling these organisations to meet their target audiences and allowing them to network with each other.

I attend funerals, weddings and take the occasional baptism service


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