A lifecall as unique as you are

First published on: 2nd February 2024

We all share the same life call – we are called by Jesus to follow him as disciples and to go and invite everyone, everywhere to follow him. But, how we live out our lifecall is as varied and unique as every individual.

Apart from being a disciple, we don’t have just one lifecall. How we live out being a disciple in our home, family, friendships, networks, schools, social spaces and work places is a creative tapestry of opportunities which may change over time as our lives and experiences change.

#lifecall24 is a relaunch of a full range of resources and events throughout 2024 to help you discover or rediscover your lifecall in this season of your life. Through the year we’ll be introducing you to the stories of 24 people who have been discovering their lifecall in a variety of ways. We hope in their stories you will find the courage to explore your own lifecall, daring to believe that God, who calls you, is faithful. In exploring new possibilities for how God is asking you to use all of who you are to invite others to know Jesus and to seek more justice in the world, we hope to offer you prayer, support, information, networks and training to encourage and equip you in your one unique journey.

We will be launching a new website where you will find stories of some people just like you, information about events, courses and vocational coaching to help you think about your lifecall plus easy access to current information about some specific roles.

Now, as much as ever, people in our communities need to experience the love of Jesus and the support of our Christian communities. We are all called to be part of sharing this love. We are here to work with you to encourage and equip you as you step in to new opportunities this year.

Perhaps you haven’t ever considered your own lifecall? Maybe you’ve been thinking about something in particular but haven’t had the chance or courage to talk about it? Or could God be asking you to explore something different? #lifecall24 has something to offer you. You can begin by looking at the website, without any pressure and ask God how you can best use your unique lifecall.

To be the first to hear when the website is live and about upcoming events, sign up here www.lifecall.uk

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