Are you a young woman who feels called by God to be a leader in His church?

For centuries, women in church leadership have been a thing of great rarity.

So when we, as younger women, come to feel called by God into a position of leadership, it can be hard to know what it could look like and whether we might fit the mould.

In the bible we see God calling on numerous women to lead and have significant roles in his great story: there’s brave Deborah; the prophetess Miriam; humble and foreign Ruth; wise and prayerful Esther; Mary the virgin, an uneducated teacher, carer and mother; Mary Magdelane, a broken woman who became a great disciple; wealthy businesswoman Lydia; and Junia, a respected apostle.

So, if you are brave, a prophet, humble, foreign, wise, prayerful, uneducated, a teacher, a carer, a mum, broken, a disciple, wealthy, a businesswomen or an apostle, or even a mix of them all, then you are in good company. There’s no perfect mould, God calls you just as you are.

To explore your vocation further, why not attend the Women’s Vocations evening at Liverpool Cathedral on Feb 21st at 4pm.

Rev Laura Pasterfield inspires us by talking about her calling ahead of the LifeCall event:

LIfeCall Women's Ordination from Diocese of Liverpool on Vimeo.

Bishop Paul Bayes will be attending and the speakers will be:

Lis Goddard, vicar of St James the Less Church, Westminster, London.  She is chair of Awesome, an Evangelical network of ordained women, and is passionate about attracting younger women to consider if God is calling them to ordained ministry.

Rowena Pailing, Teacher of Pastoral Theology and Church History at The College of the Resurrection, Mirfield, and has permission to officiate in Liverpool diocese being married to the Rector of Liverpool.

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LifeCall: Women's Ordination
February 21st 2015

Liverpool Cathedral
Radcliffe Learning Centre
St James' Mount
Liverpool L1 7AZ

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