Meet our new Deacons - Tim Watson

This week we meet Tim Watson who serves at Liverpool Cathedral and St Anne, Stanley with St Paul, Stoneycroft.

Tim, who is originally from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, is based at the Cathedral, but will also be working at the parishes of St Anne, Stanley with St Paul, Stoneycroft to gain a parish perspective as part of his curacy.

Tim was ordained as a Deacon at Sablonceaux Abbey in France on August 24th by Geoffrey Rowell, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese in Europe. Dean of Liverpool Justin Welby and Canon Myles Davies represented the Diocese of Liverpool at Tim’s ordination.

Before feeling called to ordained ministry, Tim completed a DPhil in French history at the University of Oxford and worked as a university tutor for three years. In 2002 he moved to France and began working full time for an international religious community called Chemin Neuf.

Chemin Neuf is a Roman Catholic community with an ecumenical vocation, and has more than 1500 members in more than 20 countries, including members of Lutheran, Anglican, Reformed, Evangelical, Baptist, Mennonite and Orthodox churches. It works for the renewal of the Church, for reconciliation and for the unity of Christians.

Tim and his wife Kate (who met at Chemin Neuf) said they were attracted to the Diocese of Liverpool because of its strong ecumenical tradition. Tim said, “As Kate is a Roman Catholic and we belong to a Roman Catholic-based religious community, we're really delighted to be coming to a city which has got a recent history of good relations between our two churches, and not least between the two cathedrals. We're also delighted to be coming to a diocese that is so enthusiastic about mission and evangelism.”

“I am also really looking forward to having the dual experience of working at St Anne's and St Paul’s. It has a fantastic community and I am looking forward to serving it and being a part of it.”