Sector Ministry affirmed and commissioned

First published on: 16th September 2022

Revd Katy Canty reports on the first live Service of Commissioning for Sector Ministers from throughout the Diocese held in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral this summer. 

'Led by Bishop Bev, and hosted by Ellen Louden the service included a renewal of the declarations of all the Sector Ministers in their role of ministry throughout the Diocese.  In the sermon, Emma Howarth, the Director of Operations in MITE spoke of the unique role of Chaplaincy within so many areas of life. Bishop Bev added that she was actively seeking an increase in the breaking down of walls between sectors in our society. She welcomed the diverse nature of Sector Ministry which includes both lay and ordained people, paid posts and volunteers.

Afterward, the Sector Ministers were able to enjoy some time together and it was evident that the strength of this network is the support and encouragement that comes from sharing experiences and learning from others.  During the pandemic, many Sector Ministers continued in their places of work and learned to adapt to new ways of caring and support, and this continues as more people are showing increasing interest in this varied form of ministry.  People have come forward from the LifeCall and Directions events asking for information and we have seen a continuing number of people attending the Chaplaincy Today courses that MITE runs with a view to starting by volunteering. 

Post-Covid, Sector Ministers are reporting that they face questions posed by the pandemic. Hospice Chaplains speak of dealing with the anger arising from grief at the possible connection between delay in treatment due to Covid and poor prognosis. Hospital Chaplains continue to be stretched and those in Education are also dealing with the aftermath of so much loss. Suicides continue to be too frequent in railways as the economic situation worsens. In retail and business parks people are concerned about their day-to-day survival. In all these and other places Sector Ministers are there to listen and care and maybe give just a little bit of hope by sharing with them their compassion which speaks of the love of God.'


A new book on Sector Ministry

Katy has written a book focusing on her insights as a prison chaplain: 

“Our calling as Chaplains is to listen; to sit where they sit and allow them to tell us what they will.”

Who are the people that end up behind bars? What led them to this place and what do they care about in life? Katy Canty unlocks the experiences of prisoners, shedding light on the way a chaplain cares for the convicted.

Recounting the true stories of those she’s served; Katy gives a raw and authentic account of prison-life. Her stories might shock you, surprise you, and open your eyes to an unfamiliar world.

With a compassionate and humble approach, Katy walks alongside those on the inside. And she reveals the most important realities of all – the depth of God’s love and forgiveness and the possibilities of change with Him.

Heartbreak, Hope and Holy Moments is available from Waverley Abbey Resources and other Christian booksellers

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