Cycle of Prayer

One of the bedrocks of our communal life of prayer and worship

We journey together in prayer

Prayer is the foundation and the wellspring of all that we do. And yet it can so easily be neglected, or can decay into rehearsing a few familiar petitions and thanksgivings. But the sustaining rhythm of being present with God is our duty and joy; not simply for ourselves but praying for the common good; better together.

I rejoice in knowing I am prayed for by my sisters and brothers in this Diocese, in the Church of England and across the worldwide Communion. That is why I see this booklet as far more than a list of parishes to pray for mechanically. This booklet represents and enables the spiritual heartbeat of our Diocese, which sustains our common mission.

I use this cycle of prayer because as your diocesan Bishop I share the cure of souls with the leaders of every school, chaplaincy, parish and fresh expression.  I want to pray for you concretely and specifically. So, about a week before your school, parish or community appears in this cycle, please feel free to email me, in complete confidence, with your specific needs, requests and thanksgivings.

If you email I will be able to pray for you and your community more accurately.

Prayer connects us. It makes a difference in all our lives. So as disciples together in the Diocese of Liverpool, let’s use this cycle to journey together in prayer and with the sustaining strength of God.

Bishop Paul Bayes
The Bishop of Liverpool

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