Use Follow the Star to equip your church for Advent and Christmas

First published on: 18th November 2022

Following a series of difficult Christmases, we’re all hoping for a Christmas to welcome people back to services and events that haven’t been possible in recent years. Some won’t have been to church since before the pandemic. Traditions may have changed. Church might no longer be “a thing we do at Christmas” for some in our communities. This year's Advent and Christmas campaign for 2022 needs to welcome people to our churches. 

Digital Resource Hub: A Church Near You

Free resources for your church including music, social media graphics, videos and more. Create your own customised Christmas videos using our video-generator tool.

Printed Resources

Booklets, prayer cards, Christmas invitation cards, and digital resources are available here.

Resources for Young People

There will be highly shareable, invitational content commissioned from The Way targeting young people. This will be published on:

• Instagram @thewayuk
• YouTube @TheWaychannel
• TikTok @thewayuk 

Get Social

Why not share before/after pics of you decorating your church with a message that you're ready to welcome everyone this Advent and Christmas? Remember to use the hashtag #FollowTheStar. We will share as many as we can. 

If you're ready to get even more creative you could even film videos of people's memories of Christmas. There are examples of questions you could ask, along with more info here. 

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