Renewals of DBS checks - beat the rush

First published on: 5th March 2021

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Renewals of DBS checks - beat the rush

With the growing expectations that there will be changes to restrictions in the coming months, we are encouraging organisations to be thinking ahead to renewals and to make the most of the temporary viewing of ID arrangements before any 'unlocking' happens. We are encouraging Recruiters to submit applications before any changes to restrictions to try and avoid any potential bottlenecks at the DBS/local police forces. We currently are forecasting that around September is where volumes of Disclosure checks will begin to pick up.

Regarding the temporary arrangements for viewing ID documents - there is currently no end date, but this is something we are lobbying the DBS to continue after the pandemic, because of the huge benefits to organisations spread over large geographical areas (As well as Christian camps/festivals) and understand they are planning a review on document checking in 2022.

Church of England advice regarding DBS checks for PCC members (Trustees) 

A reminder to all churches who carry out work with Children and Vulnerable Adults.  PCC members (Trustees) should now be DBS checked, further details can be found in section C of the document Church of England roles where the activity is seen to be eligible for a criminal record check

Below are additional guidelines:

  • You do not need to DBS check readers or clergy as PCC members, they already have the correct level of DBS check
  • A PCC member who already has a current DBS check for the church that is enhanced and covers both children and adults does not need an additional check as a PCC member
  • If a PCC member has a current DBS check for the church which is not enhanced or does not cover both children and vulnerable adults then they will need an additional DBS check.
  • If someone had a DBS check from an organisation outside the church these are not portable so therefore a new DBS check as a PCC Trustee would be required.  However if someone subscribes to the Disclosure and Barring update service then we can use this route to check their DBS status however their current DBS certificate must be for the same level as a PCC trustee – enhanced without barring and for child and adult workforce. 
  • Please remember: you should also check that all your PCC members are eligible to serve as charity trustees (i.e. are not disqualified under charity law), and that HMRC would regard them as ‘Fit and Proper Persons’. This can be done by ensuring all current and any newly elected PCC members sign a ‘Trustee eligibility and Fit and Proper Persons Declaration’ which you can download from the parish resources web site which also includes further information relating to PCC trustees.

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