How your church can stay alert to the Spirit

First published on: 11th June 2021

Whenever we move house or change jobs we decide what to take, what to leave, and what to throw out or giveaway.

 Why JSP? We see in the ministry of Jesus 5 key priorities that he lived out, the DNA of discipleship if you like. We have built our discipleship ministry around these priorities and captured them within our main programme, but those same priorities are crystallised in our latest programme called Stay Alert to the Spirit written for a changing church in a changing world…. Covid 19 has made us feel like we’re moving out and leaving familiarity behind.

Despite technology, wealth, and 21st Century ‘know-how’ we’ve been humbled by a virus. How did it happen? How can we get rid of it? When will it end? How is it going to affect my future? These are legitimate questions but Jesus Shaped People felt there was another important question: What is God saying to the churches, and what should we take with us and what should we leave behind as we set off on a new journey.

The spectre of suffering, death, economic meltdown, loss, sudden change, and acute anxiety has at least temporarily arrested our attention and captured the collective imagination. Young people have been especially hit hard by the pandemic.

Although well into 2021 it still feels like we are in a ‘liminal space’ teaching moment and waiting time. To help churches discuss; ‘What is God saying to the Churches’, Jesus Shaped People have developed a tool - ‘Stay Alert to the Spirit’ (SATS)

You'll find more information about SATS on the Jesus Shaped People Programme pages of their website, here:    See Stay Alert to the Spirit in Action | Jesus Shaped People and a short outline video here:    Stay Alert to the Spirit | Jesus Shaped People

This free, seven-week resource includes material/ideas for worship, small groups, sermons, teaching and intergenerational worship can be used in your building or online. 

For further info contact Brendan Bassett
T: 07470136193     
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