Contactless Rollout project success

First published on: 10th March 2023

Liverpool Diocese took part in the Contactless Rollout project, piloted by the National Giving Team. The project involved our diocese receiving 30 contactless giving devices and distributing them to applicants who fit certain criteria. 

In June 2022, the successful churches collected their new devices (free of charge) and we began tracking the success of contactless giving across the many different contexts, traditions and locations. All proceeds made through these methods go directly to the churches themselves, with a small, subsidised transaction fee going to the payment processor. 

In the video below, we document the success of the project and how having contactless giving options available has made a difference to these churches. 


The most successful churches have: 

  • Both online and contactless giving set up 
  • Are not exclusively in affluent areas, in fact, some of the most successful results have come from more deprived areas in Liverpool Diocese 
  • Previously attended some Talking Money training with the Resources Team 

Contactless giving is for everyone – contact Lucia Miller to find out how your church can benefit from going digital. 

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