Bishop Paul welcomes the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce report

First published on: 22nd April 2021

ACTION, the Archbishops' Anti-Racism Taskforce image

Bishop Paul has warmly welcomed the publication of “From Lament to Action”, the report from the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce which was published on Steven Lawrence Day, 22nd April 2021.

The report makes 47 proposals, demanding that there must be a change of culture in the life of the Church of England.

You can read the national press release here

Bishop Paul said “I am glad that the Report’s proposals are concrete and specific. Many of them apply to my own work as a bishop in the Diocese of Liverpool and beyond. I commit myself to begin implementing those proposals immediately. The report’s title cuts to the heart of things - actions, not just more words, are needed if the church is to shake off its institutional racism.

Over the years I have tried to advocate for an inclusive and welcoming Church in many different areas of our life, and I freely acknowledge that I need help in this area too. So I particularly welcome the proposal that as a bishop I should have a minority-ethnic colleague from outside the Liverpool Diocese who will act as a “reverse mentor” to hold me personally accountable for my own work and to help us all change the culture of the Church. 

I thank the members of the taskforce for their clarity, honesty and forthrightness - and I thank God for all those who have had the courage to speak up about the racial injustice in the Church, in this report and on other platforms such as the recent BBC “Panorama” programme.

Here in Liverpool we have far too few clergy and lay leaders with minority ethnic backgrounds. In recent years we have made a little progress in this area but there is so much more to do and my colleagues and I are determined to do it. The report gives us clear guidance as to how to bring this change about.

In short we are determined to move from lament to action - and it is by our actions that we will rightly be judged."

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