Being an Eco church

The Diocese of Liverpool is marking the national year of the environment. by aiming to become an Eco Diocese. This section will develop to provide help and information for any church in our diocese seeking to become an Eco Church.

We are committed to becoming an Eco Diocese. Supported by Rocha UK we want our churches and support office - St James House - to become Eco Churches. You can find out more about Eco here 

Being an Eco Church

An Eco Church is based on a self-assessment of how the church is “caring for God’s earth in different areas of their life and work”. Churches are rated as Gold, Silver and Bronze.

You can find out the three steps to becoming an Eco Church on the right-hand side of this page.

Steps to Silver

You've registered, you've achieved bronze and you're all fired up to keep going!
Fantastic. We want you to take the next Steps to Silver.

Faiths4Change are here to help you on your journey to silver and beyond.

Click here for ideas and resources that are centred around Listening, Taking Action and Sharing. 

"sustaining God's creation is a massively important duty for all Christian's. The world-wide Anglican church recognises this as one of it five marks of mission and in this year of the environment I believe it is increasingly important that the Diocese of Liverpool works together to make a difference". Bishop Paul

3 steps to becoming an Eco Church

Here's what you can do

Step One: Register as an Eco Church
Register as an eco church online and login - it's simple and starts your journey. You don't have to be doing any activity just sign up.

SIgn up here

Step Two: Complete the Eco Survey
It will help you to identify the environmental work that your church is already doing and what else you could do. 

Here is an example form

Step Three: Contact Faiths for Change
For extra support email

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