Emergency Repairs over Christmas 2021

First published on: 16th December 2021

Whilst our office is closed over the Christmas period our contractors should only be contacted if you have an emergency repair. If at all possible you should first try to remedy the problem yourself. If this is not practical then please contact the relevant contractor as follows:

Heating and Plumbing issues – contact Steven Jeffers on 07973 271672

  • Boiler not functioning  -  check the pressure on the boiler, if this is below one then open the pressure taps until this raises above one. Following which turn the boiler setting to heater setting. Check the boiler overflow pipe is not frozen – if so pour warm water over this to free the ice, then try resetting the boiler.  
  • Bathroom leaks to room below – remove bath panel to check pipework. If this is minimal place a bowl to catch any drips and do not use the bath until our offices reopen. If water is getting behind tiles as you shower, again refrain from using this until this can be reported to us when our office reopens.
  • Radiators not working – bleed radiator, if this is still not working report this to us upon our return to the office.
  • Frozen Pipes -  If the pipe freezes, turn off the water supply at the stop tap, usually located under the sink. Open all cold water taps and flush the toilet to empty the water storage cistern and then very carefully thaw out the pipes, this should not be undertaken quickly
  • Burst pipes – if this is severe turn water off at the stop tap and report to Steven.

Electrical issues – AB Builders & Electrical Ltd 0845 265 7544

  • Total loss of electricity – check the fuse board
  • Security lights not working – contact our office when we reopen

Security alarms & CCTV – Anthony Pheysey 07836237018

  • Break in’s – take photographs of any damage caused and report to the Police to obtain a crime number. Only contact our contractor if you urgently require footage off the cctv or equipment needs resetting.

Broken glazing, lock issues – Geoff Carroll 07946 641897

  • Broken windows – ensure all glass is cleaned away from the damage, and board up. Report to Geoff only if you are unable to do so.
  • Broken locks – an emergency if you are unable to securely lock your external doors or a key is broken in the lock.

Storm damage:

  • Trees – report to Lee Masters of Professional Tree Surgeons Ltd if these are blocking highways or are leaning dangerously on 07871871455
  • Fencing – remove any fencing which is blocking highways.

Please note that this is for emergency only and if our contractors inform us the call-out was not for an emergency we will recharge you for the cost of the call-out. In exceptional circumstances, if they are unable to attend, and you contact a local contractor you will only be reimbursed if the repair was an emergency.

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