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‘Growth is found where there is a high ratio of children to adults. Churches which offer programmes for children and teenagers are more likely to grow.’ From Anecdote to Evidence

At the Diocese of Liverpool we strongly value the significance of youth work and seek through the Youth and Families Missioner to:
  • Support and resource youth ministry across the Diocese
  • Facilitate the sharing of good practice, successful projects and useful resources.
  • Look at ways to bridge the gap between children’s and youth work and the ongoing engagement of parents.
  • Explore current youth work theory, practice and models which can welcome, nurture and disciple young people on their journey of faith
Emma O’Hagan has worked in partnership with the CURBS project, a charity supporting work with children in urban situations, which involves ‘on the ground’ practice and research in the Huyton Deanery and 4Saints team.

If you would like further information; are a youth worker, voluntary or paid, please get in touch.

Sue.Mitchell, Children and Families Missioner 
T: 0151 709 9722