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Making your Gift Aid or Small Donations Scheme claims

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Since October 2013, HMRC has required that all Gift Aid and Small Donations Scheme claims are made online using HMRC's Charities Online service, which became live in April 2013.  There are 3 possible options using Charities Online, but parishes using the Diocesan Gift Aid Scheme need read no further - all this is done for you! 
  1. Claim using an online form
    This option is the one that most parishes claiming direct with HMRC will use.
    It is suitable for claims for up to 1000 donors per claim.
    To use this method, you will need to sign up to Charities Online via the Government Gateway and then enrol to use the HMRC Charities Online service.
    When it comes to making the claim, you'll need to log on, complete the details requested and at the relevant point upload a Gift Aid Schedule spreadsheet, which you will have downloaded and completed.
    See the links on the right for more information on how to do this.
  2. Claim using your own software database
    This means using some commercial Gift Aid software and can be used for any number of donors.  For more details see the section on Gift Aid software below.
    You would still need to sign up to Charities Online to use this method.
  3. Claim using a paper form
    HMRC provides this option for those who don't have internet access.
    You must order the form (ChR1) by ringing up HMRC - 0300 123 1073.
    The form is suitable for 15 donors, but can be expanded to 90 donors with continuation sheets (ChR1CS).
    You cannot use photocopies of this form, you must use the one provided by HMRC. This is because the form will be automatically scanned.
Gift Aid software
Gift Aid records can be kept in paper form, on computer using spreadsheets, eg Excel, or using a commercial Gift Aid software programme.  Some Gift Aid software programmes are enabled to claim direct with HMRC, once your church is registered with Charities Online (which you only need to do once).

The software highlighted on the Parish Buying website for recording and claiming Gift Aid and GASDS is Data Development's Donations Coordinator.  In fact, more claims have been made direct with HMRC using this software than any other.  See link in panel on the right.