LifeCall: Children, longing and belonging

Tuesday 17th March 2015 - 7.00pm

For those supporting & those with questions about adoption, fostering or infertility.

Main speaker: Krish Kandiah

Krish is married to Miriam and has four primary school aged children and also fosters babies. Krish has a keen interest in movies, photography, rock music and Liverpool FC. Krish is founder and director of Home for Good and president of the London School of Theology.

Children, longing and belonging
Longing for children to belong to your family when you are infertile is a grief that seems to have no limits or boundaries and is a great challenge to anyone's faith.  This LifeCall event will explore how those living with infertility can continue to live faithful and fruitful lives.

Children longing to belong to a family yearn for the love and acceptance that God equally yearns to offer them. This LifeCall event will explore how many Christian families can provide a home for good for children longing for families and how the Church can support them.

Adoption and Fostering with Home for Good
Every day more than 50 children are taken into care in the UK. They are removed from chaotic, traumatic, abusive, neglectful or desperate situations. Some of them need a home in an emergency. Some of them need a temporary home until they can return to their families. Some of them need an occasional home to give their families a break. Some of them need a permanent home with a new forever family.

The Church is uniquely placed to offer its help to meet this need. As a large social network with involvement of large numbers of families, the Church is fertile soil for recruitment. Once carers have been through the full process of assessment, the Church could also provide an excellent community of support to wrap around families who are adopting or fostering children.

Home for Good aims to change the culture in local churches throughout the UK, to make adopting and fostering a significant part of their life and ministry.  It is a fantastic opportunity for the Church to be good news in society, change our communities and transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the UK.

If you think fostering or adopting may be for you, come along, hear more, and meet those that have parented through adoption or fostering and let God guide the next step for your family.  Perhaps you are part of a church community that includes fostered or adopted children; this will give you an opportunity to discover how you and your congregation can offer good support to these families.
Infertility affects many couples and seems to play a part in the majority of marriages in the Old Testament, yet remains a fairly taboo subject.  With a panel of contributors that have experienced the grief of not being able to conceive naturally we will explore faith and infertility.

Those on the panel will represent the wide range of types of infertility and choices that couples make to adjust to not becoming pregnant with those that have remained childless, opted for IVF or chosen to adopt.  Leading this panel will be Rev Sonya Doragh who continues to experience infertility after 17 years of marriage and has completed MA research into female infertility in the Bible.

There will be two seminars focused on infertility.  One will be aimed at those experiencing infertility themselves and the other is intended for Church leaders and others that find themselves supporting infertile couples but have perhaps not had the experience themselves.  It may well be that you know someone who is infertile but does not feel able to attend themselves. Why not come along to hear what those on our panel consider the best ways you can support them. It is important for them to appreciate that God declares the goodness of the family of two in Eden and celebrate their wholeness in Christ not procreativity.

Whilst this subject is being covered in the same LifeCall event as adoption and fostering, this does not imply that we think those experiencing infertility should all pursue adoption or fostering - parenting children born to someone else is not for everyone.

'Living Fruitfully with Infertility'
For those experiencing infertility a course will take place to expand on what is discussed at the LifeCall Event.

Exploring the experience, choices and seeking hope from the Scriptures for those going through infertility. The course is designed for couples to attend together.
Time:     18:30 to 21:00
Dates:    Wednesdays 6, 13, 20 & 27 May & 3 June 2015
Venue:    Liverpool Cathedral, Radcliffe Room.

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LifeCall: Children, longing and belonging
March 17th 2015

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott Suite
Liverpool Cathedral
(entrance from car park)
St James Mount
Liverpool L1 7AZ

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