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We are committed to excellence in safeguarding practice

Safeguarding is of vital importance. We need to be welcoming places but also safe places. As a PCC you are responsible for ensuring that you are promoting the best possible safeguarding culture.

First, let’s be clear: You must make sure that safeguarding is of prime importance. Your church must have clear policies and procedures in this area. We need to make sure that everyone knows that abuse is not tolerated. You must make sure you have a culture that allows anyone to report appropriate concerns plus procedures that deal with those concerns properly.

Yet the Diocese of Liverpool does not want to prevent the culture of volunteering that is the lifeblood of our churches and congregations. It would be unworkable to follow a high degree of recruitment for every role so your judgment is needed.

You cannot rely solely on DBS Criminal Record checks. You need to have a strong culture that ensures you are safeguarding those in your church which includes good safe recruitment procedures. The nature of churches means that there may be others in your congregation who could pose a risk to these groups. You need to apply vigilance and common sense to make sure that all know your policies and how to report anything that causes concern.

At all points and every step you should include your church’s commitment to safeguarding and reaffirm your safeguarding policy.

All role descriptions and documentation should contain an explicit statement stating:

The church takes the safety of everyone within the church very seriously and expects that everyone will work within the church safeguarding policy. In particular, the church expects anyone who becomes aware of a safeguarding risk or of actual abuse, to immediately raise this with the person with safeguarding responsibility in the church.