How Directions shaped my vocation - Tracy

As we launch our next Directions course in January we look at the stories of four people who's life has been affected by Directions. Read Tracy's story here.

“Directions has helped me grow more confident in understanding and sharing God’s word and growing His Kingdom. It’s helped me realise that my ministry to families can be done in many ways; even the supportive ways I’m already helping grow Church Wigan. I’ve learnt that God places us where we’ll be most useful and for me, that’s still a supporting role in our worshipping community, but I’m also now leading a team to start a new youth group this autumn. Spending time with a loving and prayerful group on the course has also helped me to grow my prayer ministry. If anyone is wondering what role God has for them, or whether He even has a role for them, they should definitely do Directions. You’ll find ways to discover your strengths and gifts that maybe you hadn’t seen before and how you can possibly use them in ministry. You can’t help but make some great friendships on the course. You’ll be support for each other and maybe share ideas. “