The announcement day was a very special time for us,

Bishop Paul thanks our diocese for it's warm welcome

It was a busy day starting at the St Andrews Foodbank before visiting Wigan and returning to StJames House and finishing with Evening Prayer in the Cathedral. You can see some pictures from the day on this page.

Bishop Paul said "The announcement day was a very special time for us, if a bit of a whirlwind! Kate and I were so grateful for the welcome and prayers of those we met and indeed of the whole Diocese. I was also overwhelmed by the kind comments and message I received over the internet.

We managed to meet lots of people but of course we could only see a tiny fraction of the life and work of the churches. So it will be marvellous when we can move to Bishop's Lodge and I can begin my ministry among you all.

Please keep us in your prayers as the various legalities are completed over the next few weeks and months. And do be sure that I have now begun to pray systematically for you all, that our Lord will bless all that you do in his name, and that together we can discern his will and move confidently into His future."

More photos from the day are available on our Facebook page