Our Growth Conversation

God is faithful, unchanging and wants us to share the Good News. We are focused on growth so that we can become a bigger church making a bigger difference.

Our strategy expresses what we will focus on to grow and how we will allocate resources – we can only resource the church if we manage our resources.

Our Growth Agenda was launched in 2011, and updated in 2013. We need a revised, refreshed plan for 2017.

We’re asking you to shape and mould this as we launch Our Growth Conversation.

Over the coming weeks we need your involvement as we break the paper down into mini conversations that you can engage with as prompted in the Bulletin and online as well as by sharing in your Archdeaconry consultations.

Download the pdf document ‘Our Growth Conversation’ in the link box to the right.

The paper outlines:
  • Some current realities.
  • Our current response.
  • Areas we have started but not yet finished.
  • Some areas of emerging challenge.
  • How we will have this conversation.

Hearing your voice

As we engage with these new challenges we need to hear the voice of the Spirit through the Church. So we would value your responses to this brief document.

We are strongly committed to the concept of a diocese as a learning community, and so this paper will only be fruitful if you respond to it, both with positive and with constructively critical ideas. We need your responses, please, by the end of July 2016.

You can take part
  • By sharing in your Archdeaconry consultations 
  • By taking part in our online conversations on Facebook and twitter following the mini conversations that will be launched in the bulletin.
  • By emailing growthconversation@liverpool.anglican.org
  • By writing to Our Growth Conversation, St James House, 20 St James’ Road, Liverpool L1 7BY

And finally...

Once we have received and considered responses we will produce a full and comprehensive strategy document in time for Diocesan Synod in October 2016. This strategy document will be put on the diocesan website at the end of September for further comment.

Assuming Synod approves the document we can then all get on with the steady and patient work of implementation. Most of all, as we walk together on this journey, please continue to pray earnestly that our loving and just God will continue to lead us as we seek to build his kingdom here in the Diocese of Liverpool. “The one who calls us is faithful, and He will do this.”

“In our diocese we speak of asking God for a bigger church so that we may make a bigger difference. When we do that, we are speaking biblically. The New Testament rejoices in the numerical growth of the church, and in the feeding of the poor. We may want to do more than this, but I do not believe we should do less.” Bishop Paul

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Growth Conversation dates for Knowsley and Sefton with Archdeacon Pete

Tuesday May 17th 7.45pm at St Stephen’s Hightown

Wednesday June 29th 7.30pm at Christ Church Waterloo

Wednesday July 6th 7.30pm at St Martin’s Kirkby