Follow the star to #bringonefriend in Huyton

St Gabriels church, Huyton have answered Bishop Pauls call to ‘bring one friend’ to church with their own version of the Mexican tradition of Posada.

The Revd Canon Malcolm Rogers, Vicar of St Gabriels, Huyton Quarry came up with the idea after attending the DAT meeting in Bishops Lodge last week. Bishop Paul is encouraging us all to become more invitational and Revd Malcom thought of the Mexican tradition of Posada but felt the parish needed something more visible and obvious which said to neighbours 'I'm the person who put the card through your door'.

'Follow the Star' was born. St Gabriel’s published the list last Sunday and it’s already three quarters full of people ready to host the star and invite friends and neighbours to the Christmas Carol Service and other services.

Revd Malcom said "The beauty of 'Follow the Star' is that it builds on existing relationships with family and friends and begins a conversation about church and in particular Christmas. From there we pray a journey begins, to Bethlehem and to Jesus via Huyton Quarry"

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Bishop Paul encourages us to bring one friend

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