Our Growth Conversation: Multiplying congregations

Continuing the conversation on how we can continue to follow the growth agenda and look to become a bigger church making a bigger difference we are breaking down the different areas of the consultation document. This week we look at multiplying congregations

Our Diocese is committed to Multiplying Congregations. Bishop Paul said "I am convinced that the royal road to church growth, across the whole diversity of our Church of England, is the multiplication of congregations within our neighbourhoods and networks." Bishop Paul

The Diocese of Liverpool and Liverpool Cathedral created “The Joshua Centre” in order to focus this work of starting new congregations. ‘Centre’ doesn’t mean a building but rather a focus for vision, prayer and support.

Do you sense that there may be potential to pioneer a new congregation your parish or network?

There is a growing number of ways The Joshua Centre can offer ongoing support for you. Visit the Joshua Centre webpages here to find out more information and to sign up for prayer bulletin and access to resources.

For more information contact Richard on richard.white@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk

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