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Through Local Missional Leaders we want to explore a concept which could be game-changing.

Many of us have different roles in church and as our worship life grows we find God calling us to do something. But for some that call might end at the thought of having to be ordained and we feel the door closing.

Local Missional Leadership can open that door for you and help you provide an important role to help the church grow and multiply our congregations as we seek to make a bigger difference.

It’s about mission and growth

An inspirational missional leader has at their heart the desire to grow the church. These leaders reflect a church that has recognised God is calling people in exciting new ways. They recognise that every congregation and worshipping community needs an authorised, designated leader to help them develop and grow more disciples.

What do Local Missional Leaders do?

If you’re called to be a local missional leader you are called to grow the church. The context you do this in may change, the way you do it may be unique. Some Local Missional leaders are based in a traditional Church; others are based in pioneer/fresh expression communities and some are involved in developing new communities.

You might expect a Local Missional Leader to be involved in …
  • Mission … working with others to develop the vision for mission and growth and then acting on this plan. 
  • Outreach … being the key person involved in encouraging and equipping community outreach and mission.
  • Discipleship … nurturing the spiritual growth of the congregation/worshipping community.
  • Worship … planning or leading worship or arranging priestly cover where necessary and appropriate.
Will the Local Missional leader be expected to do everything themselves?

Definitely NOT! As a leader you will be expected to gather a team together, a core team, and there is an expectation that you will be co-opted onto and chair the PCC or leadership team.

Do you have to be Ordained or a Reader to be a Local Missional Leader?

The short answer is no. Some local missional leaders are Ordained, some Readers but you don’t have to be.

Will I have to go on a Local Missional Leader Training Course?

We are not trying to fit you into a model but release your God given leadership gifts. We will give you the training you need and you will be expected to be part of the Local Missional Leaders Community, who meet together for support and sharing ideas.

Are Local Missional leaders paid?
We hope you will see this as your calling and gifting. You will be paid expenses but generally local missional leaders are not paid.

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For further information or to apply to become a local missional leader, please download the following:

Appointing an LML

Working Agreement

For further details contact Warren Hartley
0151 705 2178